• Is SHEA Spring going to be in-person or hybrid?

    SHEA is planning a fully in person conference but is closely monitoring Sars CoV-2 and its variants. Should anything change, we will update all current registrants and the website.

  • Why is Spring in-person only?

    The in-person conference is not merely about exchange of information and ideas – it’s about relationships, renewing contact with friends and colleagues. It provides an unmatched opportunity to interact professionally, socially and educationally with the largest gathering of the healthcare epidemiology community.  We will take all necessary measures to provide a safe, productive, and enriching experience.

  • Will the sessions be recorded for access post conference?

    Yes, all sessions are available on-demand online through October 11, 2023.

  • When will SHEA Spring 2023 take place?

    The conference starts April 11, 2023 and will continue through April 14, 2023.

  • What time zones will be used?

    The schedule for the conference refers to Pacific Standard Time.


  • When will registration open?

    Registration is open now!

  • Why is there a cost for registration?

    Registration fees are the main source of revenue for SHEA Spring. It is important to set fees that will cover the cost of running both the in-person and virtual components of the conference. Although conference costs are rising substantially, the SHEA Board has elected to keep registration costs the same for in-person registration allowing those with limited budgets the ability to attend. SHEA Strives to keep the Spring Conference affordable and accessible for all attendees and participants.

  • If I register for the in-person conference, will I be able to access the on-demand session recordings after the event?

    Yes, you will have access to the meeting app and the session recordings

  • Do you offer group registration and rates?

    SHEA does not offer group registrations or group rates. Registration is on an individual basis.


  • When can I submit an abstract?

    Abstract Submissions are open and will close January 11, 2023 at 11:00 pm EST. Submit now!

  • Do you have to be registered for the conference for your abstract to be published?

    Yes, you or another author will need to be registered to attend SHEA Spring for your abstract to be presented and published.

  • If I am selected for an Oral Abstract Presentation but can’t attend in person, can I present virtually?

    In-person attendance is required. If you are not able to be there, you will need to identify someone else to present.

  • Will onsite Poster Presentations be the same as previous Spring Conferences?

    We will do our best to keep the physical Poster Presentation Lunch hour as similar to years past.


  • Will there be networking opportunities?

    Yes! We know networking and seeing your fellow peers is a big draw of the conference. We have many networking events to choose from. Learn more.


  • Am I required to be vaccinated to attend in person?

    Yes, if you are attending the SHEA Spring Conference in person, you will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Exceptions are being made for people with a medical condition or closely held religious belief that prevents vaccination.

  • Will there be safety procedures in place for in-person attendees?

    SHEA will ensure that a safety code of conduct will be in place and will follow CDC guidelines for all in-person events. SHEA is currently developing a COVID Policy and Procedures Document that outlines all precautions we will be taking onsite at the conference. Continue to check the website for updates.


  • Does SHEA Spring have an exhibit hall?

    SHEA does not offer an exhibit hall as our main focus is on education. However, we do have several sponsor opportunities! Learn more.

  • Who can I contact about general conference questions?

    You can email the Conference Team at LearningCE@shea-online.org. Please review all FAQs prior to contacting us, to ensure your question isn’t already covered above.